Courses & Mindset Mentoring

Chapter You was an idea born during lockdown. I wanted to create a space for personal development and growth, that provided affordable self guided courses, created by someone who was accredited and trusted. 

I currently have two courses on offer with a third being launched shortly:

Chapter One: Introducing You is your key to understanding yourself. 

Chapter Two: Your Anxious Mind has all the elements you need to understand and calm your anxiety. 

As the world went back to it’s new normal, post lockdown, I quickly noticed a shift in clients needs. The economy started changing, and the thought of 6 months in therapy for some, was just not viable; either financially, emotionally or logistically. From there, I created The Turning Point Programme. This was designed for intense and rapid transformation. If you don’t have the time or money to spend on longer term therapy, or would like to see real results now, then The Turning Point is for you. I only take on a small amount of clients at a time, as I give each of them 4 weeks of direct support. See my availability here